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Pre-Investment Planning

Lux Global Partners actively seeks startups that want to introduce emerging technologies to improve our planet’s ecosystem and positively affect our daily lives.

Our early-stage business advisors provide the financial and organizational services you need to secure funding from an array of investment outlets.

We accelerate the process for funding and improve the likelihood that you will be partnered with the right investment source. Not all investors are created equal and not all investment sources are right for you.

We actively participate in the preparation required to improve the investment readiness of your entrepreneurial venture. Our passion is to work hand-in-hand with new ventures for launching their brilliance!

How We Help

We are not a broker-dealer, so we neither affect nor get involved with any investor relations or transactions. We help develop all the necessary tools for startup companies with limited resources to be fully operational. Our services include:

  • Strengthening the financial and operational areas needed for funding introductions
  • Providing the financial flexibility to enable you to actively participate in securing investment funds
  • Due diligence and risk analysis
  • Strategic assessment within specific market sectors
  • Competitive analysis
  • Growth strategies and exit planning
  • Sustainability program planning