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A reliable, sustainable and profitable connected future with your customers requires a strong strategy with seamless execution. LuxConnect helps you take the right next steps in your journey.

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An all-inclusive program that bridges our channel partners to our technology portfolio

LuxConnect helps Technology Partners to penetrate new and existing markets by introducing their technology solutions to strategic channel partners. LuxConnect helps our Channel Partners to penetrate new and existing markets by introducing high-impact, disruptive technologies.

  • LuxConnect gives Channel Partners a much-needed competitive advantage to help them sell, install and service our technology solutions.
  • Channel Partners generate recurring revenue through additional maintenance and service opportunities. Lux does not take any commissions on any product or service that Channel Partners introduce to their customers.
  • LuxConnect helps our Technology Partners to save money on a number of back office support and logistical costs and business development / sales expenses
  • Easy online processing for ordering, shipping and delivery helps all LuxConnect™ users to realize revenue sooner.
  • Our dedicated LuxConnect program manager is available for live support, ensuring that any issues that arise are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Lux Global Partners identifies and validates leading-edge technologies that make a sustainable difference. We partner with world-class organizations whose technologies generate financial and operational value for end users.

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  • TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS want to introduce their products and services into the marketplace. CHANNEL PARTNERS seek ways to introduce leading-edge technologies to their customers.
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