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Launch / Accelerated Growth

Lux Global Partners will coordinate the boots-on-the-ground resources needed to help deliver healthy growth for your startup or existing business.

Lux helps our clients align their ambitions with a clear business development plan, positioning them for healthy, positive growth and creating strong corporate vibrancy.

Whether you are a tech startup at the beginning of your business adventure or have been in business for many years, the Lux performance team provides growth trajectory strategies, based on a pragmatic approach, using scalable business models.

Our customized performance teams are built upon the collective expertise of highly seasoned professionals. These advisors act as temporary yet integral parts of your organizations. We alleviate your HR and financial burdens by staffing you with a diverse group of professionals. By keeping costs low using this proven method, you’re positioned to meet your business goals.

How We Help

We tailor an operational high-performance team for on-site expertise that may include:

  • Developing specific market branding & messaging strategies
  • Retaining business development professionals who will open up various distribution channels, end-use sales in various market sectors, and inside sales and customer service support personnel
  • Sales and operational benchmarking, metrics and analytics for measured growth
  • Application development experts and/or engineering professionals who will provide innovative product deliverables
  • P&L analysis and optimization