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Who We Are

Lux Global Partners provides pragmatic consultancy services for all our clients. We do not see “pies-in-the-sky,” “flying pigs and unicorns,” or “pots of gold at the end of a rainbow.” We see hard work, sweat equity, and people dedicated to attaining their dreams. We launch brilliance!

Change management requires bold leaders.

We work with start-ups, distressed businesses, and companies that want to expand in new markets. We collaborate with our ever-expanding network and take great pride in our ability to develop, create, and achieve creative solutions.

We evaluate all the moving parts of your business and then create a customized, high-performance team to complement your existing staff for real and practical change management success. We are uniquely positioned to partner with small to medium business for healthy growth development.

Meet Our Team

Gary Peterson

Gary Peterson

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Gary is an executive business development professional and technologist, specializing in developing and managing both traditional work groups and cross-functional, multi-disciplinary implementation teams in Fortune 100 firms as well as new founder start-ups. He is practiced in strategic initiatives to create new business opportunities and new revenue growth tied to energy and related technologies.

Prior to co-founding Lux Global Partners, Gary founded the Peterson Madsen Group, Inc., a successful sustainability consulting group. He has over 25 years’ experience leading enterprise-wide energy conversation programs, having worked at such firms as Siemens and Honeywell. He has led large-scale initiatives by adapting leading edge technologies that minimized waste streams while increasing productivity and profitability for a multitude of various sector clients like Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer, Aetna and many more.

Dan Gadigian

Dan Gadigian

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Dan has spent his career in finance and operations, specializing in building and validating financial models and creating strategic operating plans. He draws on his experience performing due diligence of private and public companies, along with his exposure to countless investment proposals, in order to identify and implement business strategies that position companies for long-term growth and significant investor value.

Prior to Lux Global Partners, Dan was an M&A and Strategy Analyst for Remington Arms, where he led the post-investment integration process, and was a lead team member during several acquisitions, Annual Operating Plan creation and 5-Year Strategic Business Plan creation processes. Prior to his operating experience, he was an investment analyst at both Corepointe Capital and Cerberus Capital Management.

Headshot_T Kananen

Todd Kananen, PE

chief operating officer

Todd has spent his career in business development and operational roles, specializing in key initiatives to enhance overall business growth. He incorporates his extensive operational plant experience when working with clients in the development of cost reduction and continuous improvement strategies. With over 30 years of experience in industrial and commercial markets, Todd has focused on delivering energy solutions and reliability centered programs for numerous Fortune 500 clients, such as ConAgra, Kraft Heinz, and BASF.

Prior to Lux Global Partners, Todd led the start-up energy service business segments for ABM Industries and Siemens, developing strategic resources, business plans and G2M strategy. He has led numerous multi-disciplines groups in the successful implementation of enterprise-wide energy conservation projects.

Steve Harwood

Steven Harwood


Steve is an entrepreneur, and Founder and President of Latin Nexus, LLC, a company that assists small and medium-sized businesses in establishing sales and distribution channels in global markets. Steve has devoted his career to international business development initially in the pharmaceutical / medical diagnostic industries and subsequently with technologies with application in numerous verticals.

Steve has held positions as Regional Director-Asia/Pacific with American Home Products, General Manager for Farmitalia Carlo Erba–India where he established the company’s India operations, Country Manager-Taiwan for Sanofi’s multi-activity/industry business, and as Commercial Leader-Latin America for GE Healthcare’s Medical Diagnostics business.

Steve attributes his success in international markets to his ability to achieve results under adverse work conditions, an understanding of foreign business practices and different cultures, as well as his knowledge of foreign languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi. Steve has also lectured as an Adjunct Professor on International Business in the State University of New York at Binghamton’s MBA program.

Kathy Allen

Kathy Allen

Director of Program Management

Kathy is an experienced inside program manager with over 20 years of strong organizational and customer relation skills that are vital for long-term customer satisfaction. Having primarily worked in the financial industry, Kathy’s leadership skills are a strong asset for any team.

She started her career as a Project Manager for NYNEX Communications and IQ Telcom where her responsibilities included managing all the logistics for installations of technology systems for fortune 500 companies, including scheduling, training, on site cutover support, and ongoing account management.

Areas of Influence

Our growth-oriented areas of concentration focus on innovative yet pragmatic technologies that disrupt the norm. We love creative thinking that spawns new ideas, products and services that can revolutionize an industry.

Regardless of our concentration areas, our emphasis is always on sustainability. Being strong advocates and stewards of our environment and its inhabitants is our #1 priority.

  • Energy & water conservation
  • Life Sciences
  • Mobility
  • Agri-business
  • Smart Grid solutions
  • Sustainable business products and services
  • Renewable technologies