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We Advise & Strategize

Our comprehensive suite of services provides a seamless and scalable approach to bolster the lifecycle and success of disruptive technologies.

  • Pre-Investment Planning
    Pre-Investment Planning
    Lux Global Partners actively seeks startups that want to introduce emerging technologies to improve our planet’s ecosystem and positively affect our daily lives.
  • Launch Accelerated Growth
    Launch / Accelerated Growth
    Lux Global Partners will coordinate the boots-on-the-ground resources needed to help deliver healthy growth for your startup or existing business.
  • Continued Growth Stage
    Continued Growth Stage
    Lux Global Partners identifies, designs, implements and sustains emerging technologies in C&I market sectors that complement our clients’ products and services.

Lux Gets It Done

We unleash disruptive technologies that conserve our natural resources and change our world!

We specialize in promoting and commercializing clean technologies, including renewables, energy, environmental, and water conservation solutions.

Lux partners with respected funding partners, creating flexible financing vehicles that enable our clients to thrive in competitive markets.

Our primary role is to help entrepreneurs raise capital from investors who are aligned with their vision.

Why Choose Us

Sales Accelerator

We identify practices that can increase sales, create new relationships, and drive revenue streams.

Internal Functions

We audit your business to highlight areas that are stressed or have room for improvement.

Market Positioning

Our creative services team helps to establish a strong brand identity and keep you on a forward-moving path.

Dynamic Execution

Our team works as sales and operations agents, helping to execute on the strategy we build together.

Strategic Vision

We develop short, medium and long-term strategies that double as action roadmaps.

Personal Team

We put together a team of experts who become your personal consulting and action team.

Who We Help

Our current client roster includes cutting-edge companies and products in the specialized areas of cleantech, environment, and energy conservation.

Retrocool Energy
Cytexone Technologies